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Beamian is a technological solution for events.
It allows the identification of the participants and the implementation of interaction mechanics between them.


What are the necessary tools to implement beamian in your event?

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A smartbadge is an evolution from the traditional event “badge”. It has a small chip (electronic identifier) that will ease everyone’s experience at the event.

With the visitors being identified since the moment of registration, everything becomes simple - from the check-in process all the way to the exit of the event. During the event, the visitor will simply have to make contact between their smartbadge and the stands or displays in order to receive the information they seek.

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The beamers are a small piece of equipment that identifies the displays at the event and other points of interaction.

The visitor will be able to interact with these equipments, by simply touching it with the smartbadge. This action will be able to allow a document to be sent, a registration at a training course, a share on a social network, or even the sending of a CV. Imagination is the limit!

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Each event is unique and lives off of its participants, the relationships it enables, the contact, and the interaction.

Beamian offers a portal that serves as a link between organizers, participants, and exhibitors of each event. It includes a registration tool and defines all the actions we want to implement in each event. It registers, stores, and controls everything, for future follow-up.

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The beamian comes in four different versions, adjusted to the following types of events:

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The beamian shines the brightest at the critical moment of the interview, by enabling the participants’ instant application.

Assuring a pre-registration, by collecting the CV and/or Linkedin credentials, beamian assures the correct identification of the participants by associating it securely to the participant smartbadge. During the event, the candidates will only have to touch the recruiters’ beamer with their smartbadge and the application is done.
With the same simplicity, all the companies will keep the records of all the interviewees in digital format so that they can move forward and make their recruitment choices.

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Adapted to wine tasting and gastronomical events, this edition is an evolution of the award-winning project “Smart Wine Glass”

An analysis to this type of events revealed a problem of great impact in the assessment that visitors/producers and organizers made of the events. "The visitor cannot, with the current tools, memorize their favorite wines”. It was based on this necessity that a solution that allows the record of interactions between a tasting glass (baptized as “smart glass”) and the tasted wines was adopted, by associating them afterwards to each visitor. At the end of the event, the visitor receives a personalized communication with the identification of their favorite tastings, the producer/exhibitor receives a list of who tasted their products, and the organizer receives a set of relevant information about the efficacy of the event and each exhibitor, which allows them to improve their service from one event to the next.

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Used by the first time in a Portuguese university, the solution allowed the gathering of information in a simple way (by simply touching smartposters with a smartphone) and the exchange of contacts between the participants in an easy and immediate way.

It was in the context of a scientific congress, where the importance of sharing scientific papers and contact exchange are of the utmost importance, that the solution intervened.
It allowed the identification of people and the respective capture of “motives of interest”, in a personalized and non-invasive way, with the goal of enabling the distribution of documents through the interested participants and easing the contact amongst themselves.

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Entertainment, fun, and record of the best moments to share with whom matters most.

Entertainment, fun, and enthusiasm with a direct link to social networks. Beamian’s implementation allows the capture and registration of the visitors ahead of time, favoring the event entrance process.
The previous distribution of smartbadges (as a wristband, badge, or another type of identifier) prepare the entrance for a memorable event where all the participants will be invited to share their presence live through their favorite social networks, in a simple and automatic way, through multimedia points spread throughout the arena – the beamers.

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  • At the end of the event, the participant comfortably receives an email with all the tasted products. The "Smart Wine Glass" solution (beamian adapted to the wine industry) replaces all the written notes that visitors had the habit of taking. (SIC TV)
  • Amazing and useful application of NFC technology to an event environment! You simply have to tap the -M-box with a simple badge and all the information is delivered directly to your phone. (at Mobile World congress)
  • Ever wondered to know the behavior of delegates or visitors of your event? What captured their attention? Which circuit have they done? What were the most visited stands? The answers to these questions provide valuable information for event organizers (...) and this is what beamian allows. (in EventPoint)

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